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Ottawa Jewish Community Foundation

21 Nadolny Sachs Private
Ottawa, Ontario
K2A 1R9
tel: (613) 798-4696   fax: (613) 798-4695 

General Inquiries:  
Sara Miller
Foundation Associate
613-798-4696 extension 252

Donation or Tribute Card Program Inquiries:  
Erin Bolling-Bleichman
Tribute Card Coordinator
613-798-4696 extension 274

Inquiries on Planned Giving Options and Programs:  
Micah Garten
Director of Development
613-798-4696 extension 270

Andrea Freedman 
President and CEO 
613-798-4696 extension 224

Financial or Privacy Inquiries:  
Judith McKenney
Chief Financial Officer/Privacy Officer
613-798-4696 extension 244
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