The Ottawa Jewish Community Foundation

Mission Statement


The Ottawa Jewish Community Foundation provides donors the vehicle to contribute to the long-term financial stability and support of the needs of the agencies which serve the Ottawa Jewish Community. The Foundation acts as a steward for these gifts and links the past, the present and the future while building trust with everyone we serve.


Vision Statement


As a trusted leader and the centre of Jewish philanthropic giving, the Foundation will engage, educate and inspire generations of donors, ensuring the long-term security and financial viability of Ottawa’s Jewish Community.


Guiding Principles


1) Determined Leadership

The Foundation exercises innovative leadership, focused on respecting donor’s rights, desires and aspirations.


2) Trusted Stewardship

Through professional financial management, the Foundation is committed to the responsible and transparent stewarding of all assets entrusted to us.


3) Jewish Values

The Foundation’s Jewish values of tikun olam, tzedakah, and dor l’dor; shape and direct our mission to strengthen the Ottawa Jewish Community. These values inspire us to work with all people in a collaborative, compassionate and respectful manner.


4) Commitment to Excellence

The Foundation strives for excellence in all aspects of our work, which fosters trust with donors that we will meet their philanthropic goals