Individual Funds

Individual funds are listed in alphabetical order by last name.

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Brian and Debbie Aarenau Endowment Fund
Irving and Ruth Aaron and Family Community Endowment Fund
Ruth and Irving Aaron Endowment Fund
Abelson Family Fund
Arnold and Bella Abrahamson Memorial Fund
Gunther and Inge Abrahamson Endowment Fund
Sara Abrahamson Memorial Fund
The Michael and Laya Abramowitz Endowment Fund
Marjorie and Ben Achbar Community Endowment Fund
Rose and Louis Achbar Memorial Fund
Michael and Gertrude Addleman Memorial Community Endowment Fund
Esther and Matt Ages Endowment Fund
Franceen and Stanley Ages Endowment Fund
Hilda Ages Memorial Fund
Joseph Ages Family Fund
The Ages Girls B'nai Mitzvah Fund
Tina and Ken Ages Endowment Fund
Harry and Sonia Agulnik Memorial Fund
Louis and Libby Agulnik Memorial Fund
Samuel and Jean Akerman Memorial Fund
Annette and Sam z"l Albert Family Fund
Alexandor Family Endowment Fund
Mary and Israel (Al) Allice Memorial Fund
Anne Altman Memorial Fund
Harry Altman Memorial Fund
Irving and Betty Altman Endowment Fund
Max and Bella Altman Endowment Fund
Appotive Family Endowment Fund
Brayden and Cole Appotive Endwoment Fund
Noam Arnon-McGregor Mitzvah Fund
Bea and Bill Aronson & Dorothy and Harry Stein Memorial Fund
Anne and Louis Arron Memorial Fund
Daphne and Stanley Arron Endowment Fund
Jennie and Isadore Lewis Arron Memorial Fund
Yetta and Lawrence Arron Endowment Fund
Doris, Edward and Arnie Astroff Memorial Fund
Chaim Atnikov B'nai Mitzvah Fund
Auerbach Family Fund
Atara Aderet Aviner Fund
Ora Temima Aviner B'nai Mitzvah Fund
Ora Temima Aviner Endowment Fund
Shoshana Aviner Endowment Fund
Tiferet Odaya Aviner Endowment Fund


Alyce and Allan Baker Family Fund
Barry and Ricki Baker Endowment Fund
Jacob and Fanny Baker Memorial Fund
Ryan Jeremy Baker B'nai Mitzvah Fund
Jack and Betty Ballon Endowment Fund
Abraham and Rachel Barook Memorial Fund
Norman and Myrna Barwin Foundation of the Pinchas Zukerman Music Scholarship Fund
Cayla and Michael Baylin Endowment Fund
Jack and Doris Baylin Endowment Fund
Jennie and Morris Baylin Endowment Fund
Maurice Beck Memorial Fund
Isaac and Helen Beiles Memorial Fund
Irving and Esther Bellman Memorial Fund
Noah Bellman B'nai Mitzvah Fund
Meghan Benchimol B'nai Mitzvah Fund
Elishua Ben-Choreen B'nai Mitzvah Fund
Jonathan and Aviva Ben-Choreen Freedman Family Foundation
Liat Ben-Choreen B'nai Mitzvah Fund
Tal-Or Ben-Choreen B'nai Mitzvah Fund
Bercovitch-Bolker Family Fund
Irving and Claire Bercovitch Endowment Fund
The Berezin Family Endowment Fund
Ruth and Gerald Berger Family Fund
Dr. and Mrs. M. Ralph Berke Memorial Fund
Shirley and Shier Berman Fund for Ottawa Jewish Archives
Estate of Aaron Bernstein Memorial Fund
Cynthia C. Bernstein Mitzvah Fund
Hyman Bessin Foundation
Hyman Bessin Memorial Fund
Hyman and Marion Bessin Memorial Fund
Rachel and Moses Bessin Memorial Fund
Abraham and Fanny Betcherman Memorial Fund
Alex and Mollie Betcherman Memorial Fund
Rose and Myer Betcherman Memorial Fund
Martin and Ellie Black Endowment Fund
Nathan and Ida Blair Memorial Fund
Samuel and Bessie Blair Memorial Fund
Lt. Col. Edmond and Mrs. Elizabeth Blais Memorial Fund
Dr. Gerald Bloom Memorial Fund
Myer and Mona Bloomfield Memorial Fund
Cynthia and David Blumenthal Endowment Fund
Cynthia and David Blumenthal Community Endowment Fund
Alana Bodnoff Perelmutter Fund for Prion Disease Research
Ronald Bodnoff Memorial Fund
Jonah Matthew Bonn Endowment Fund
Celia and Max Bookman Endowment Fund
Jacob and Bertha Bookman Memorial Fund
Max and Marcia Bordelay Memorial Fund
Tom and Miriam Bordelay Memorial Fund
Molly and Nathan Borenstein Memorial Fund
Mara Bosloy B'nai Mitzvah Fund
Rebecca Bosloy Mitzvah Fund
Meir Moshe Botwinik B'nai Mitzvah Fund
Jonathan Braun Camp Scholarship Fund
Avi Bregman Mitzvah Fund
Chani and Bram Bregman Community Fund
Doris Bronstein Ottawa Talmud Torah Afternoon School Endowment Fund
Rebecca and Maurice Brovender Memorial Fund
Sam and Ann Brozovsky Endowment Fund
Edith and Otto Bruck Memorial Fund
Clara and Albert Brunberg Memorial Fund
Jacob Aaron and Esther Malka Bruner Memorial Fund
Binyomin Dovid Bulka Endowment Fund
Eliezer Menachem Bulka Endowment Fund
Naomi Bulka Memorial Foundation
Rabbi Reuven Bulka Fund
Rabbi Reuven Bulka and Naomi Bulka Memorial Fund
Ruth and Earl Butovsky Memorial Fund
Buzelan Aaron Family Fund


Ethan Jesse Calof B'nai Mitzvah Fund
Hy and Ruth Calof Endowment Fund
Michael Calof Mitzvah Fund
Ophira Calof B'nai Mitzvah Fund
Canadian Friends of Magen David Adom Fund
William Canter Memorial Fund
Barry and Marcia Cantor Community Endowment Fund
Benes and Sarah Cantor Memorial Fund
Benes and Sarah Cantor Memorial Torah Education Fund
Benjamin S. Cantor B'nai Mitzvah Fund
David and Brittany Cantor Fund
Goldie and Morris Cantor Endowment Fund
Jessica and Kevin Cantor Family Fund
Jordan Cantor B'nai Mitzvah Fund
Madelyn Cantor B'nai Mitzvah Fund
Morris and Goldie Cantor Community Endowment Fund
Nathan Cantor B'nai Mitzvah Fund
Gordon and Etta Caplan Memorial Fund
Lori Caplan and Phil Rimer Family Foundation
Cayla and Littman Cardash Memorial Fund
Moses Cardash Memorial Fund
Rabbi Dr. Edward Yehuda Cardash Memorial Fund
Carlofsky Family Educational Fund
Carlofsky Family Community Endowment Fund
Tillie and Harry Cherm Memorial Fund
Carolyn Cherney Mitzvah Fund
Daniel Cherney Mitzvah Fund
Joshua Isaac Smugler Chisholm B'nai Mitzvah Fund
Donald and Leah Chodikoff Endowment Fund
Linda Nadolny-Cogan and Arthur Cogan Fund for Young Womens Leadership
Howard, Jeffrey, Andrew, Michael, Gregory & Zachary Cogan Scholarship Fund
Jack and Sarah Cogan Family Fund
Abraham and Gertrude Cohen Memorial Fund
David and Queenie Cohen Memorial Fund
Edward and Fern Cohen Community Endowment Fund
Edward L. & Irma B. Cohen Endowment Fund
Israel and Polly Cohen Endowment Fund
Max and Grete Cohen Memorial Fund
Phillip Cohen Memorial Fund
Samuel and Faye Cohen Memorial Fund
Sid and Barbara Cohen Community Endowment Fund
Suzanne Kert-Cohen and Family Endowment Fund
Joan and Michael Comay Memorial Fund
CLV Group Endowment Fund
Congregation Beth Shalom Legacy Fund
Sandi and Eddy Cook Endowment Fund
Sandi and Eddy Cook and Family Community Endowment Fund
George Joseph Cooper Memorial Fund
Harry and Jean Cooper Memorial Fund
James Melton Cooper Memorial Fund
Phillip Cooper Memorial Fund
Cooperman-Shuster Family Fund
Cracower Family Fund
Sadie and John Craft Endowment Fund
Cwinn Chapel Fund
Sandra Czarny Fund for Children in Need


Max and Lillian David Memorial Fund
Marty and Terri Davis Israel Chesed Fund
Marty Davis Memorial Fund
Selma and Barry Davis Endowment Fund
Nathan and Reba Diener Endowment Fund
Abraham and Fanny Dobrow Memorial Fund
Dolansky Family Fund
Chloe Dolgin Mitzvah Fund
William Dover Memorial Fund
Joseph and Jean Dover Memorial Fund
Max and Minnie Drazin Memorial Fund
The Edith and Reuben Dubrofsky Memorial Fund 
Lillian and Leonard Dworkin Memorial Fund
Max and Miriam Dworkin Memorial Fund
Josh Dworsky-Fried B'nai Mitzvah Fund
Michaela Dworsky-Fried B'nai Mitzvah Fund


Sam and Rose Edelson Family Fund
Nat Edelstein Memorial Fund
Jeffrey and Lois Eisen Family Fund
Morrie and Helen Eisen Endowment Fund
Morrie and Helen Eisen Community Endowment Fund
Seymour and Edna Eisenberg Endowment Fund
Lou Eisenberg Camp B'nai Brith Scholarship Fund
Joseph and Esther Eisenstadt Memorial Fund
Cynthia and Abe Engel Endowment Fund
Bence and Ethel Engel Holocaust Memorial Fund
Klara Engel Memorial Fund
Leslie and Cornelia Engel Endowment Fund
Frank and Rita Engels Family Fund
Morah Erin's Westboro Jewish Montessori Preschool Fund


Isaac and Dora Fagin Memorial Fund
Barbara and Len Farber Endowment Fund
Katie Ellen Farber Memorial Fund
Ellen and Rahamim Fathi Endowment Fund
Paul Faynwachs (Weinberg) Fund
Moshe and Lily Feig Endowment Fund
Shmuel and Malka Feig Endowment Fund
Lillian (Hitzig) Fein Memorial Fund
Cindy Feingold Endowment Fund
Benjamin and Freda Feinstein Memorial Fund
Marjorie and Michael Feldman Family Fund
Bernice Feller Memorial Fund
Joseph and Betty Feller Endowment Fund
Sol and Bertha Feller Family Fund
Mayer and Betty Ferber Endowment Fund
Joseph and Helen Filler Endowment Fund
Harry Fine Memorial Fund
Rose and Sidney Fine Community Endowment Fund
Rose and David Fine Memorial Fund
Sheila and Alan Finestone Endowment Fund
Jacob Finkelman Memorial Fund
Davina Annie Finn Mitzvah Fund
Jordan Samuel Finn Mitzvah Fund
Joshua Hillel Finn Endowment Fund
Sharon and Paul Finn Endowment Fund
Daniel Firestone B'nai Mitzvah Fund
Isobel Firestone Memorial Fund
Jack and Tania Firestone Endowment Fund
Sam and Susan Firestone Endowment Fund
Bruce and Marian Fischer Fund
Barry Fishman Ottawa Jewish Bulletin Scholarship Fund
Harold Flagal Memorial Fund
Florence Family Memorial Fund
Alan Freed Family Fund
Abigail Miriam Freedman Endowment Fund
Asher Yitro Freedman Endowment Fund
Adam Samuel Freedman Bar Mitzvah Fund
Andrea Freedman Endowment Fund
Jarvis Freedman Torah Tape Library Fund
Jarvis Freedman and Riva Freedman Rotenberg Community Endowment Fund
Joshua Freedman B'nai Mitzvah Fund
Lawrence Freedman Endowment Fund
Michael Freedman Charitable Foundation
Pearl and Stuart Freedman Endowment Fund
Abe and Sylvia Freeman Family Fund
Lawrence and Audrey Freiman CICF Scholarship Fund
Ruth and A.J. Freiman Family Fund
Steven and Roz Fremeth Family Fund
Anna Frenkel B'nai Mitzvah Fund
Alfred and Kaysa Friedman Endowment Fund
Samuel and Rose Friedman Memorial Fund


Samuel and Ida Gaffen Endowment Fund
Jamie Gaon Mitzvah Fund
Bryan Garber Mitzvah Fund
Lisa Garman Memorial Charitable Fund
The Garonce Family Fund
Garten Family Endowment
The Rabbi Garten Education Fund
Naomi Geithner B'nai Mitzvah Fund
Henrik and Wilma Gelberger Holocaust Memorial Fund
Robert and Leah Gencher Family Fund
Hannah Gabrielle Gennis B'nai Mitzvah Fund
Joseph and Fanny Gennis Memorial Fund
Max Jonah Gennis B'nai Mitzvah Fund
Fran and Sid Gershberg Family Fund
David and Tilly Gershon Memorial Fund
Gilboa/Maoz/Steiner Family Fund
Jacob Gladstone Memorial Fund
Isaac Glassman Mitzvah Fund
Martin Glatt Parliament Lodge #2159 B'nai Brith Past Presidents Fund
Anne and Ben Globerman Endowment Fund
Stan and Libby Glube Family Fund
Ann and Leon Gluzman Memorial Fund
Frank and Reta Gold Endowment Fund
Bill and Bella Goldberg Memorial Fund
George and Mary Goldberg Endowment Fund
Howard Herzl Goldberg Memorial Fund
Ibolya and Howard Goldberg Family Fund
Morris and Zena Goldberg Memorial Fund
Ryan Goldberg B'nai Mitzvah Fund
David and Heather Goldfarb Endowment Fund
Edna Goldfarb LOJE Endowment Fund
Jacen Maxwell Goldfarb Endowment Fund
Jeremy Albert Goldfarb Endowment Fund
Jordan Goldfarb Mitzvah Fund
Sabrina Goldfarb Mitzvah Fund
Saul and Edna Goldfarb Endowment Fund
Saul and Edna Goldfarb (Weinberg) Fund
Saul and Edna Goldfarb B'nai Mitzvah Fund
Saul and Edna Goldfarb Community Endowment Fund
Stanley and Lisanne Goldfarb Endowment Fund
Eva, Diane, Jack and Morley Goldfield Memorial Fund
Goldman/ Landau Family Fund
Edith Oko Goldschmidt Hillel Lodge Synagogue Support Fund
Harry and Malca Goldstein Memorial Fund
Harry and Malca Goldstein Community Endowment Fund
Jack and Gert Goldstein Memorial Fund
Louis and Miriam Goldstein Memorial Fund
Stacy and Michael Goldstein Endowment Fund
Nicole Goldstone Lion of Judah Endowment Fund
Mendel and Valerie Good Endowment Fund
Mendel and Valerie Good Holocaust Continuing Education Fund
Jacob and Sarah Gordon Memorial Fund
Josh Ethan Gordon B'nai Mitzvah Fund
Herb and Dena Gosewich Endowment Fund
Lindsay and Neil Gottheil Family Fund
Pauline and Irving Gottheil and Fela and Henry Leader Memorial Fund
Hyman and Lilian Gould Memorial Fund
Jeffrey and Enid Gould Family Fund
Victor and Rachel Gould Endowment Fund
Sandra and Marvin Granatstein Endowment Fund
Herb Gray Memorial Fund
Herb Gray and Sharon Sholzberg-Gray Family Fund
Sarah and M. Sidney Green Family Fund
Yaffa Greenbaum and Jack Shinder Community Endowment Fund
Abigail Greenberg Mitzvah Fund
Barbara and Sydney Greenberg Endowment Fund
Barbara Crook and Dan Greenberg Endowment Fund
Beatrice and Samuel Greenberg Family Fund
Ben (Berchik) and Ida Greenberg Memorial Fund
Bess (Moe) Greenberg Endowment Fund
Carol and Lawrence (Lorry) Greenberg Community Endowment Fund
David and Karen Greenberg Community Endowment Fund
Elizabeth Greenberg Mitzvah Fund
Fritzi and Max (Chief) Greenberg Memorial Fund
Gilbert Greenberg Education Fund
Greenberg Families Library Fund
Greenberg Families Community Endowment Fund
Gilbert and Bess Greenberg Memorial Fund
Greenberg Hutt Konick Endowment Fund
Irving and Shirley Greenberg Endowment Fund
Jamie Greenberg B'nai Mitzvah Fund
Jenna Greenberg Mitzvah Fund
Laura and Milton Greenberg Family Foundation
Lawrence Greenberg Leadership Endowment Fund
Lazarus S. and Mary Greenberg Memorial Fund
Louis and Helen Greenberg Memorial Fund
Lynda and Lawrence Greenberg Community Endowment Fund
Mervin Greenberg Community Endowment Fund
Michael Greenberg Memorial Fund
Morris Leon and Miriam Leah Greenberg Memorial Fund
Nathan and Sarah Greenberg Memorial Fund
Nicholas Greenberg B'nai Mitzvah Fund
Niome Greenberg Memorial Fund
Roger Greenberg and Cindy Feingold Family Endowment Fund
Rose and Roger Greenberg Memorial Fund
Samantha Greenberg Mitzvah Fund For Youth Scholarships
Samuel and Bessie Greenberg Memorial Fund
Shirley & Irving Greenberg and Audrey & Linton Crook Community Endowment Fund
Stephen and Jocelyne Greenberg Community Endowment Fund
Zelda and John Greenberg Endowment Fund
Grossman Klein Families Fund
Benjamin and Sima Gubler Memorial Fund
Charles and Rebecca Gussman Memorial Fund


Haberman Family Scholarship Fund
Gerald and Hannah Halpern Endowment Fund
Halton/Weiss Family Fund
Charlotte Hamburg Mitzvah Fund
Elie Hamburg Memorial Fund
Gabriel Hamburg Mitzvah Fund
Noah Hamburg Mitzvah Fund
Abby Hamer B'nai Mitzvah Fund
Emma Hamer B'nai Mitzvah Fund
Sheila and Eric Hammer Memorial Fund
Bella Zeifman Handelsman Memorial Fund
Hanser Family Endowment Fund
Music Education Fund In Memory of Yigal Harband
Stephen S. Harris Endowment Fund
Frances Hartman Memorial Fund
Larry and Sheila Hartman Endowment Fund
Larry and Sheila Hartman Community Endowment Fund
Harry and Jennie Hecht Endowment Fund
Freda and Benjamin Held Memorial Fund
The Naor and Hendelman Families Fund
Teena and Walter Hendelman Family Fund
Idan Hershkovitz B'nai Mitzvah Fund
Michael D. Hill Memorial Fund
Histadrut- Labour Zionist Endowment Fund
Abe and Bernice Hochberg Endowment Fund
Hy and Pauline Hochberg Endowment Fund
Nathan and Yetta Hochberg Memorial Fund
Hy Hochberg Memorial Lecture Fund
Rhea and Jeffrey Hochstadter Family Fund
Israel and Inge Hoffman Memorial Fund
Joseph B. Hoffman Mitzvah Fund
Josh Hoffman Mitzvah Fund
Rebecca and David Hoffman Memorial Fund
Robert S. Hoffman Mitzvah Fund
Jeanne and Jacie Horwitz Endowment Fund
Colin Hughes Memorial Fund
Deena and Louis Hyman Memorial Fund
Dorothy and Hy Hymes Endowment Fund


Cheryl and Andre Ibghy Endowment Fund
Elan Ibghy B'nai Mitzvah Fund
Gabriel Ibghy B'nai Mitzvah Fund
Jacob Ibghy Mitzvah Fund
Iny Family Fund


Miriam Neshama Kahane B'nai Mitzvah Fund
Frances Kalman Memorial Fund
Maxwell and Rose Kalman Memorial Fund
Yitzhak Kamil Mitzvah Fund
Jeremy Kanter Memorial Fund
Ethyle and Lawrence Kapeller Memorial Fund
Nap and Fanny Kapinsky Memorial Fund
Adi Vital-Kaploun JCC Sports Camp Scholarship Fund
Abraham and Tzipora Kardash Memorial Fund
Pinney and Libby Kardash Endowment Fund
David "The Bear" Kardash Camp B'nai Brith Memorial Fund
Israel and Eva Kardish Endowment Fund
Moe and Esther Kardish Endowment Fund
Samuel and Tillie Kardish Endowment Fund
Max and Dora Karp Kapinsky Memorial Fund
Hiram and Lillian Kathnelson Family Fund
Amalya Miriam Katz B'nai Mitzvah Fund
Benjamin and Lillian Katz Memorial Fund
Bertram L. Katz Memorial Fund
Libby and Stan Katz Family Community Endowment Fund
Stacey Samantha Katz B'nai Mitzvah Fund
Zane Katz Endowment Fund
Dr. Hyman and Dr. Sylvia (Van Straten) Kaufman Endowment Fund
Leslie Kaufman and Samuel Greenspon Endowment Fund
Kershman Family Endowment Fund
Ethel Kerzner Memorial Fund
Syd, Ethel, Linda and Steven Kerzner and Family Community Endowment Fund
Claire and Abe Kevanstein Endowment Fund
Estate of Clare Kevanstein Memorial Fund
Arthur and Sarah Kimmel Memorial Fund
Daniel and Marilyn Kimmel Endowment Fund
Phillip and Ettie Kimmel Memorial Fund
Steven & Shelli Kimmel Endowment Fund
Jacob and Esther Kizell Memorial Fund
Norman and Sonia Kizell Foundation
Klaiman- Fine Family Fund
Corey Klein Mitzvah Fund
Vera and Leslie Klein Family Community Endowment Fund
Melanie Kleinplatz B'nai Mitzvah Fund
Gerry and Rachelle Koffman Endowment Fund
Koffman/ Bloom Families Endowment Fund
Sharon Koffman Athletic Scholarship Fund
Joshua Kofsky B'nai Mitzvah Fund
Edie and Erwin Koranyi Endowment Fund
Dr. Joseph and Grace Koreen Endowment Fund
Melvin Kostove Memorial Fund
Harry and Gertrude (Pleet) Kotlarsky Memorial Fund
Kovod Endowment Fund
Krantzberg Krane Family Fund
Susan and David Kriger Endowment Fund
Riva and Abraham Kroll Memorial Fund
Annice and Sydney Kronick Family Fund
Joan and Russell Kronick Endowment Fund
Samuel and Irene Kronick Endowment Fund
Israel Isaac Kudisz and Natalia Kudisz Memorial Fund
Ernst and Helen Kummermann Memorial Fund
Dahlia Kuwayti Memorial Fund
Kamal Kuwayti Memorial Fund


Frank and Sadie Labovitch Memorial Fund
Issie and Edith Landau Endowment Fund
Jacob and Rose Landau Memorial Fund
Mayer and Rose Landau Memorial Fund
Jacob Landau B'nai Mitzvah Fund
Meera Landau B'nai Mitzvah Fund
Talia Landau B'nai Mitzvah Fund
Lily and Morris Lang Endowment Fund
Josef and Rose Lebovic Memorial Fund
Leon and Byrtha Leckie Memorial Fund
Harry and Zena Leikin Memorial Fund
Leikin Group of Companies (Weinberg) Fund
Leitman/Katz Family Fund
Alexa Leitman B'nai Mitzvah Fund
Bernie and Ida Lesh Endowment Fund
Donald Lesh Endowment Fund
George Lesh Miracle Fund
Hildy and Steven Lesh Endowment Fund
Norman Lesh Philanthropy Endowment Fund
Norman and Isabel Lesh Endowment Fund
Samuel and Mary Lesh Memorial Fund
Samuel Joseph Lesh B'nai Mitzvah Fund
Sarah Esther Lesh Mitzvah Fund
Hugo and Ruth Davis Levendel Memorial Fund
Ben and Shirley Levin Memorial Fund
Jack Levin and Goldie Levine Memorial Fund
Tillie and Abraham Levine Memorial Fund
Muriel Levine Memorial Fund
Jacob Levinson Mitzvah Fund
Martin K. and Elizabeth Levinson Memorial Fund
Sandra and Jacie Levinson Endowment Fund
Sandra Levinson Lion of Judah Endowment Fund
Steve Levinson Family Fund
Harry and Frieda Levitan Endowment Fund
Jana and Michael Levitan Family Fund
Josh Levitan B'nai Mitzvah Fund
Rhoda Levitan Lion of Judah Endowment Fund
Rhoda and Joe Levitan and Family Community Endowment Fund
Ron and Ruth Levitan Endowment Fund
Ruth Levitan Lion of Judah Endowment Fund
Ruth and Ron Levitan Community Endowment Fund
Sally Levitan Lion of Judah Endowment Fund
Sally and Elliott Levitan Endowment Fund
Sally and Elliott Levitan Community Endowment Fund
Yoni Levitan Endowment Fund
Nathan, Miriam and Laurie Levitin Memorial Fund
Ernest and Ida Levitz Memorial Fund
The Levitz Family Fund
John and Estelle Liberman Endowment Fund
Joseph and Jean Lichtenstein Endowment Fund
Hyman and Pearl Lieff Memorial Fund
Joseph Moses Lieff Memorial Fund
Joseph and Evelyn Lieff Endowment Fund
Lieff Family B'nai Mitzvah Fund
Louis and Jeanne Lieff Memorial Fund
Ethyl and Manny Lightstone Memorial Fund
Abraham and Dora Lithwick Memorial Fund
Arnold and Rose Lithwick Memorial Fund
Arnold and Rose Lithwick Family Community Endowment Fund
Ida and Sidney Lithwick Endowment Fund
Irving and Ellen Lithwick Endowment Fund
Norman Lithwick Memorial Fund
Dora Litwack Memorial Fund
Jack and Dora Litwack Memorial Fund
Moe and Rose Litwack Community Endowment Fund
Lobel Family Endowment Fund
Loblaws Companies Limited (Weinberg) Fund
David Loeb Family Fund
Norman and Amelia Loeb Memorial Fund
Jordan Loves Mitzvah Fund
Emunah Lowenstein Endowment Fund
Idit and Joshua Lowenstein Family Fund
Zechariah Lowenstein Endowment Fund


Evan Nadel MacKay B'nai Mitzvah Fund
Tegan Sarah Nadel Mackay B'nai Mitzvah Fund
Murray and Mary Macy Community Endowment Fund
Murray and Mary Macy Endowment Fund
Len Mader Family Endowment Fund
Samuel and Leema Magidson Endowment Fund
Sophia Magory Memorial Fund
Ethel and David Malek Endowment Fund
Jacob Malomet Memorial Fund
Abby Mandelker B'nai Mitzvah Fund
Racheli Mandelker B'nai Mitzvah Fund
March of the Living
Edgar and Gertrude Marks Memorial Fund
Anne (Blair) and Hyman Mayberger Memorial Fund
Morty Mayberger UJA Golf Tournament Memorial Fund
Marion and Shlomo Mayman Endowment Fund
Amanda Robyn McCarthy B'nai Mitzvah Fund
Jack and Freda Melzer Memorial Fund
Lillian and Isaac Judah Mendel Fund
Seymour and Joy Mender Family Fund
Chuck and Bonnie Merovitz Family Fund
Claire and Theodore (Ted) Metrick Memorial Fund
Geri Migicovsky CICF Foundation for the Pinchas Zukerman Music Education Fund
Cody Miller B'nai Mitzvah Fund
Rhoda and Jeffrey Miller Family Fund
Dave, Louis and Laz Mirsky Endowment Fund
Mervin Mirsky Family Community Endowment Fund
Norman and Anne Mirsky Memorial Fund
Sibyl Mirsky Community Endowment Fund
Eliana Mitzmacher B'nai Mitzvah Fund
Maytal Mitzmacher B'Nai Mitzvah Fund
Abram and Edith Molot Memorial Fund
Morris Molot Memorial Fund
Reuben and Sylvia Molot Memorial Fund
Jack and Honey Monson Endowment Fund
Montefiore Club Endowment Fund
Ariella Morgan B'nai Mitzvah Fund
Jordan H. Morgan B'nai Mitzvah Fund
Max Morgan Mitzvah Fund
Samuel Morgan B'nai Mitzvah Fund
Sylvia and Alex Morin Endowment Fund
Tanya and Samuel Moses Morin Memorial Fund
Elana Moscoe Mitzvah Fund
Pearl and David Moskovic Endowment Fund
Naomi Muroff Mitzvah Fund


Michelle Nadler Mitzvah Fund
Rebecca Nadler Mitzvah Fund
Ellen, Sharon, Lawrence and Lynda Nadolny Families Fund
Herbert and Dorothy Nadolny Families Community Endowment Fund
Herbert and Dorothy Nadolny Endowment Fund
Jayme Nadolny Mitzvah Fund
Joey Nadolny Mitzvah Fund
Mark Nadolny B'nai Mitzvah Fund
Max and Ida Nadolny Memorial Fund
Jean and Max Naemark Family Fund
Alice Nagrodski and Evelene Morphy Memorial Fund
Aaron Naor Mitzvah Fund
Moshe and Molly Narwa Endowment Fund
Pinkas and Yehudit Newman Memorial Fund
Jerry Nudelman, Eileen and Louis Dubrovsky Memorial Fund


Isaac Ohana and Solange Cohen-Ohana Memorial Fund
Or Haneshamah Endowment Fund
Kurt and Joan Orlik Family Fund
Hayley Ostrega Mitzvah Fund
Joy Ostrega Memorial Fund
Wesley Ostrega Mitzvah Fund
Percy and Shelley Ostroff Family Fund
OJCS Class of 2017 B'nai Mitzvah Endowment Fund
OJCS Class of 2018 B'nai Mitzvah Endowment Fund
OJCS Class of 2019 B'nai Mitzvah Endowment Fund
Ottawa Kosher Food Bank Organic Egg Fund
The Ottawa Lion of Judah Endowment Fund
William H. Owen Memorial Fund


Reuben Palef Memorial Fund
Abe and Bertha Palmer Endowment Fund
Pauline Pankowski Holocaust Education Fund
Dana,Remi, Marlin and Allegra Pearl B'nai Mitzvah Fund
Harold and Yetta Pearl Memorial Fund
Shalom Perel Memorial Fund
Joseph and Miriam Petigorsky Memorial Fund
Oscar and Nina Petigorsky Family Memorial Fund
Oscar, Nina and Leon D. Petigorsky Fund
Samuel Petigorsky Fund
Harry and Bertha Pleet Memorial Fund
Jack and Miriam Pleet Endowment Fund
Nancy and Larry Pleet Endowment Fund
Eyal Podolsky B'nai Mitzvah Fund
Tom Podolsky B'nai Mitzvah Fund
Poleski-Pollack Hatikvah Fund
Roberta and Sidney Pollock Endowment Fund
Benjamin, Bessie and Ann Polowin Memorial Fund
Dave and Betty Polowin Memorial Fund
Rena Polowin Fund In memory of Dina and Jacob Polowin
Posen Family Fund
Evelyn and Norman Potechin Endowment Fund
Len and Mary Potechin Family Fund
Sydney Sloan Potechin Memorial Fund
Doris Prager Memorial Fund
The Prehogan Family Fund
Myra and Morris Presser Endowment Fund
Aryeh Prizant Endowment Fund
Dr. Harry and Rose-Anne Prizant Family Fund
Joshua Barak and Ashira Prizant Family Foundation
Rena Yakira Prizant Fund
Shmuel and Meira Prizant Family Fund
Yisrael Shmuel Prizant B'nai Mitzvah Fund
Gerald and Mary-Belle Pulvermacher Family Endowment Fund


Joseph and Sonia Rabin Memorial Fund
Phyllis and Alan Rackow Endowment Fund
David and Freda Radnoff Family Endowment Fund
John and Dorothy Raichman Memorial Fund
Lilian Raport (Weinberg) Endowment Fund
Lyla Rasminsky Memorial Fund
Regional Group of Companies (Weinberg) Fund
Kayla Reichstein B'nai Mitzvah Fund
Noah Reichstein B'nai Mitzvah Fund
Moe and Sarah Resnick Endowment Fund
Emanuel Ilya Retik Bar Mitzvah Fund
Joseph Retik Bar Mitzvah Fund
Rideau View Gold Club Endowment Fund
Simon and Thelma Ritt Israel Scholarship Fund
Goldie and Albert Rivers Endowment Fund
Irving and Ethel Rivers Memorial Fund
Jacob and Leah Rivers Memorial Fund
Aidan Robern B'nai Mitzvah Fund
Rockman Feder Family Fund
Alti and Berel Rodal Family Fund
Frances Rodrigues-Ely Community Endowment Fund
Robert Rodrigues-Ely Memorial Fund
Herman and Zelda Roodman Memorial Fund
Isadore and Rossie Rose Endowment Fund
Helena and Michael Rosenbaum (Robern) Scholarship Fund
Ben and Mary Rosenblatt Memorial Fund
Florence and Gdalyah Rosenfeld Endowment Fund
Harry and Frieda Rosenthal Memorial Fund
Frances and Morton Ross Family Fund
Aaron Roth Mitzvah Fund
Jared Roth Mitzvah Fund
Richard Roth and Riva Levitan Family Fund
Richard Roth and Riva Levitan Family Community Endowment Fund
Carl and Ruth Rothman PACE Endowment Fund
Marshall Rothman Mitzvah Fund
Samuel and Ruth Rothman Memorial Fund
Shelley and Sid Rothman Family Fund
Alan Rottenberg Community Endowment Fund
Jonathan Roytenberg B'nai Mitzvah Fund
Michael Roytenberg B'nai Mitzvah Fund
Ilana and Steven Rubin Educational Endowment Fund
Sylvia and Louis Rubin Endowment Fund
Robert Rudd Memorial Fund
Jerry Ruden Memorial Fund
Ariella Ruby B'nai Mitzvah Fund


Anne and Irving Sabran Memorial Fund
Hannah Sachs B'nai Mitzvah Fund
Harold and Irma Sachs Community Endowment Fund
Tom Sachs B'nai Mitzvah Fund
Ella Sabourin B'nai Mitzvah Fund
Ethan Sabourin B'nai Mitzvah Fund
Merida Sachs Memorial Fund
Ruth Sadava Memorial Fund
Joseph, Molly and Carol Sadinsky [Kimmel] Family Endowment
Helen and Roy Saipe Endowment Fund
Roy and Helen Saipe Community Endowment Fund
Sand Family Memorial Fund
Ben-Ami and Roslyn Sanders Memorial Fund
Sanders Family B'nai Mitzvah Fund
Issie and Minnie Sandler Memorial Fund
Raphaël Sandler Mitzvah Fund
Nili Sarit Schneck Endowment Fund
Rickie and Martin Saslove Family Fund
Samuel and Lillian Saslove Memorial Fund
Gaby Sassoon for Victims of Terror in Israel
Harry and Frances Saxe Endowment Fund
Hermina Schachnow Memorial Fund
Elayne and Wesley Schacter Endowment Fund
Sam and Dora Schaenfield Endowment Fund
Dr. and Mrs. Nathan Schecter Endowment Fund
Syd and Shirley Schecter Endowment Fund
Aluma Ateret Schneck Endowment Fund
Hanan David Yosef Schneck Fund
Netta Grace Schneck B'nai Mitzvah Fund
Netta Grace Schneck Endowment Fund
Samuel and Lea Schreiber Memorial Fund
Clare and Maurice Schwartz Endowment Fund
Dr. Harry and Joan Schwartz Endowment Fund
Dr. Harry Schwartz PACE Fund
Vera and Sam Schwartz Family Fund
Leah Kovacs Schweitzer Mitzvah Fund
Charles and Eva Secter Memorial Fund
Al and Betty Segal Memorial Fund
Danny and Marla Seller Family Fund
Ronni Seller B'nai Mitzvah Fund
Laya and Sol Shabinsky Family Fund
Maurice and Goldie Shabinsky Memorial Fund
Sol and Laya Shabinsky Family Community Endowment Fund
Dahlia and Zachary Shabsove B'nai Mitzvah Fund
Sam and Celia Shachter OJCS Fund
Abraham and Mary Shaffer Memorial Fund
Harold and Frances Shaffer Memorial Fund
Sam and Mary Shaffer Memorial Fund
Sylvia and Albert Shahin Family Fund
Samuel Shainbaum Memorial Fund
Abe and Nellie Shapiro Memorial Fund
Benjamin Shapiro Bar Mitzvah Fund
Shekel Hakodesh Endowment Fund
Abraham Irving Shenkman Yiddish Memorial Fund
Harold Shenkman Foundation
Max and Dora Shenkman Memorial Fund
Samuel and Sarah Shenkman Memorial Fund
Paul and Pat Sherratt Fund
Jonathan, Matthew and Adam Sherman Mitzvah Fund
Sylvia and Harry Sherman Memorial Fund
Arnold Shinder Scholarship Fund
Cecil and Florence Shinder Endowment Fund
Harry and Sylvia Shinder Memorial Fund
Israel and Jennie Shinder Endowment Fund
Israel and Maureen Newton Shinder Community Endowment Fund
Jason and Jenny Shinder Family Fund
Lionel and Leslie Shinder Memorial Fund
Neil and Randi Shinder Community Endowment Fund
Sol and Zelaine Shinder Endowment Fund
Sol and Zelaine Shinder Community Endowment Fund
Zelaine Shinder Lion of Judah Endowment Fund
Shmelzer- Horovitch Endowment Fund
Harold and Lillian Shoihet Memorial Fund
Dr. Robert Norman Shoihet Memorial Fund
Israel and Rebecca Shore Memorial Fund
Jordan Shore Mitzvah Fund
Zack Shore Mitzvah Fund
David Shoresh Memorial Fund
Fay and Joseph Shulman Endowment Fund
Lorne and Laurie Shusterman Family Fund
Jules and Barbara Sigler Community Endowment Fund
Samantha Sigler and Shlomi Barshan Family Fund
Samuel and Katherine Sigler Memorial Fund
Simon Sigler B'nai Mitzvah Fund
Simon Sigler Rambam Scholarship Fund
Zachary Silber B'nai Mitzvah Fund
Goldie and Sam Silbert Memorial Fund
Silbert Conway Family Fund
Judah and Margo Silverman Family Community Endowment Fund
Linda Silverman Memorial Fund
Jack and Sarah Silverstein Family Endowment Fund
Irv and Elaine Singer Endowment Fund
Moe and Charlotte Slack Memorial Fund
Stella and Louis Slack Memorial Fund
Sue and Sam Slack Endowment Fund
Slipacoff Family Endowment Fund
Irving and Harriet Slone Endowment Fund
Linda Slotin and Jonathan Fisher Endowment Fund
Lawrence and Mona Slover Endowment Fund
Dave Smith Endowment Fund
The David Smith Fund for Jewish Life
Hyman and Erika Smith Educational Endowment Fund
Hyman and Erika Smith Family Fund
Jack and Linda Smith Endowment Fund
Kalman and Sylvia Smith Endowment Fund
Ben and Shirley Smolkin Memorial Fund
Max and Pearl Smolkin Family Fund
Patricia Smolkin Memorial Fund
Gustave and Esther Solman Endowment Fund
Ruth and Hyman Soloway Family Fund
Irving Soloway Community Endowment Fund
Soviet Jewry Endowment Fund
Laura and Gordon Spergel Endowment Fund
Beatrice and Norman Stein Family Fund
Ben Stein Mitzvah Fund
Phillip and Cathy Stein Family Fund
Bennett and Mary Steinberg Foundation
Bobby Steinberg Memorial Fund
Louis and Leah Steinberg Memorial Fund
Mendel, Annie, Jack, Libby and Abe Steinberg Memorial Fund
Victor and Shirley Steinberg Endowment Fund
Hyman and Molly Steinman Memorial Fund
Leah, Freda and Henry Steinman Endowment Fund
Nathan and Thelma Steinman Endowment Fund
The Stelcner Family Foundation
Doris and Richard Stern Family Fund
William "Bill" Sternberg Memorial Fund
Phyllis and Max Sternthal Family Fund
Elaine Stone Memorial Fund
Dr. Eric Stulberg Memorial Fund
Shirley and Deborah Sugarman Memorial Fund
Freda and Phil Swedko Memorial Fund
Casey Swedlove Memorial Fund
The Casey and Bess Swedlove Legacy Fund
Harold and Ruth Swedlove Memorial Fund
Joseph and Irene Swedlove Endowment Fund
Rachel and Zelig Swedlove Memorial Fund
Julian and Elizabeth Szirtes Family Community Endowment Fund
Sabrina Szirtes Mitzvah Fund


Abigail Tatham B'nai Mitzvah Fund
Archie and Lillian Taller Endowment Fund
Jay B. Taller Memorial Fund
Ruth Taller Memorial Fund
Sally and Max Taller Family Fund
Sally and Morton Taller Family Fund
Samuel and Anne Taller Endowment Fund
Claire and Sam Tanner Memorial Fund
Saul and Fanny Tanner Memorial Fund
Tarantour Family Fund
Gittel and Martin Tatz Endowment Fund
Ethel Taylor LOJE Endowment Fund
Allan Taylor Endowment Fund
Bram Taylor Mitzvah Fund
Brent and Risa Taylor Endowment Fund
Charles and Rose Taylor Endowment Fund
Charles and Rose Taylor Community Endowment Fund
Chick and Rose Taylor (Weinberg) Endowment Fund
Dani Eva Taylor B'nai Mitzvah Fund
Irving and Ethel Taylor Endowment Fund
Irving and Ethel Taylor Community Endowment Fund
Irving and Ethel Taylor (Weinberg) Fund
Josh Taylor Mitzvah Fund
Susan Weisman and Jeff Taylor Endowment Fund
Rose Taylor Lion of Judah Endowment Fund
Charles and Rae Tavel Memorial Fund
Faye and Arnold Tennenhouse Family Endowment Fund
Alayna and Bryan Thaw Mitzvah Fund
Barbara and Gerald Thaw Endowment Fund
Lise and Mark Thaw Family Fund
Anita Thomas Memorial Fund
39th Ottawa Henry (Hank) Torontow Boy Scout Fund
Moses, Chenya and Henry Torontow Memorial Fund
Norman and Stella Torontow Endowment Fund
Pearl and Edward Torontow Endowment Fund
Sarah Lazarus Torontow Memorial Fund
Talya Tova Aviner Endowment Fund


Anne Vanderzee and Michael Benes Memorial Fund
Alexandra Vered B'nai Mitzvah Fund
Elizabeth and Arnon Vered Family Community Endowment Fund
Gilad, Arnie and Ron Vered Endowment Fund
Michael Vered B'nai Mitzvah Fund
Sara and Zeev Vered Endowment Fund
Sara and Zeev Vered Israel Cultural Program Fund
Susan, Gillie and Elie Vered Family Fund
Tori Vered B'nai Mitzvah Fund
Zeev and Sara Vered Community Endowment Fund
Stephen and Gail Victor Endowment Fund
Ruth Viner Lion of Judah Endowment Fund
Ruth and Joseph Viner Family Community Endowment Fund
Ruth and Joseph Viner Endowment Fund
Sonia and Arthur Viner Memorial Fund


Haze Wainberg Family Fund
Dr. Alex and Lynda Wakter Fund
The Noah and Tal-Or Walker Family Fund
Justin Wakter Mitzvah Fund
The Noah and Tal-Or Walker Family Fund
Michael Walsh and Lisa Rosenkrantz Endowment Fund
Samuel Walsh Mitzvah Fund
Rhonda and Richard Waserman Family Fund
Waserman Family Memorial Fund
Wasserlauf Kershman Fund for Israeli Palestinian Alliances
Harry and Rae Weidman Memorial Fund
Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation
Louis and Miriam Weiner (Weinberg) Endowment Fund
Miriam and Louis Weiner Endowment Fund
Erica Weinstein B'nai Mitzvah Fund
Joseph and Sonia Weinstein Memorial Fund
Mildred and Percy Weinstein Endowment Fund
Sharon and Lawrence Weinstein Endowment Fund
The Weisbloom Family Fund
Max H. and Caroline Weissbord Memorial Fund
Robert Wener and Lynne Oreck-Wener Family Fund
Irving and Diane Wexler Family Fund
Judith Lillian Ross-Hymie Whitzman Memorial Fund
Claire-Jehanne and Eric Wilner Family Fund
Women's Collective Endowment Fund
Morris and Mariette Woolfson Endowment Fund
Herbert and Shaydella Wortmann Memorial Fund
Bea Cohen Wright Endowment Fund
The Ken Wright Family Fund
Maurice Wright and Family Community Endowment Fund

The David Zackon and Patricia Henry Family Fund
Carole and Norman Zagerman Community Endowment Fund
Herbert and Norman Zagerman Families Foundation
Hella and Erwin Zanger Memorial (Weinberg) Fund
Hella and Erwin Zanger Memorial Fund
Sam and Helene Zaret Memorial Fund
Chaim and Sela Zaretsky Memorial Fund
David Zbar Memorial Fund
Joseph and Inez Zelikovitz Endowment Fund
Max and Tessie Zelikovitz Endowment Fund
Nathan, David and Max Zelikovitz Families Fund
Arielle Zelikovitz B'nai Mitzvah Fund
Noah Zelikovitz B'nai Mitzvah Fund
Bella Zelikow Hillel Lodge Physical Therapy Endowment Fund
Zipes/Baker Famly Fund
Zipes Karanofsky Family Endowment Fund
Pinchas Zukerman Music Education Fund
Karen and Ian Zunder Family Fund
Sandra and Sam Zunder Endowment Fund