The Foundation's leadership is structured on dedicated volunteers and professionals who serve the Foundation and provide valuable leadership as members of the Board; as Executive Officers; as Chair of the Foundation; as committee members and staff members.


The Board is responsible for the overall policies, practices and governance of the Foundation. Our Board members and staff look forward to working with you to fulfill your philanthropic objectives for the common good of our growing community.


Lawrence Soloway

Sandy Pollack
Vice Chair

Chair, Investment Committee


Lawrence Weinstein
Past Chair

Adina Libin
Chair, Finance and Audit Committee

Sharon Appotive

Board Member

Tamara Fathi

Board Member

Jonathan Freedman
Board Member

Fred Seller
Board Member

Debra Viner

Board Member

Susan Viner-Vered

Board Member

Sabina Wasserlauf
Board Member

Ken Wright
Board Member

Erin Zipes
Board Member

Harold Feder
Honorary Legal Counsel

Past Chairs - Board of Directors

Gilbert Greenberg z”l - 1975-1976
Bernard Shinder - 1977-1979
David Loeb z”l - 1980-1981
Norman Zagerman z"l - 1982-1983
Sol Shinder - 1984-1985
Irving Greenberg z”l - 1986-1987
Charles Taylor z"l - 1988-1989
Issie Landau z”l - 1990-1991
Gerald Berger z”l - 1992-1993
Daniel Kimmel - 1994-1995
Jacie Levinson z”l - 1995-1997
Rose Taylor z”l - 1997-1999
Norman Lesh z”l - 1999-2001
Saul Goldfarb z”l - 2001-2003
Ron Levitan z”l - 2003-2005
Gregory Sanders - 2005-2007
Roger Greenberg - 2007-2009
Harold Feder - 2009-2011
Richard Roth - 2011-2013
Lynne Oreck-Wener - 2013–2015
Michael Landau - 2015-2017
Gillie Vered - 2017-2019

Lawrence Weinstein - 2019-2021



Professional Staff

Andrea Freedman
President & CEO

Rena Garshowitz
Vice President, Operations

Micah Garten
Vice President, Development

Solange Ashe
Foundation Associate



For more information, or if you would like to get involved in the Ottawa Jewish Community Foundation, please contact our Foundation Associate at info@ojcf.ca or 613-798-4696 ext. 252.