The Foundation's Giving Vehicles

The Foundation has several different giving vehicles to best meet donor needs. Through a discussion with our professionals, we can help you find the best vehicle for you – from an estate planning perspective to save your tax dollars, and, according to your unique desire to make a difference.


Find out more about what we do in our "Investing in our Future" brochure, at right.


For stock donations, select Stock Transfer Initiation Form


Set up an Endowment Fund

With an initial minimum gift of $1,000 you can set up an endowment fund to support the charity of your choice. Whatever your passion – Jewish education, helping the vulnerable, or something else entirely – your endowment fund will support the causes near and dear to your heart, each and every year,  in perpetuity.


Make a Legacy gift

There is a way to live forever; by making a legacy gift you can provide for the ongoing support of the causes in the community with which you identify most closely. A legacy gift most often takes the form of a bequest in your will, designating a portion of your estate to create an endowment fund to support the cause or causes you choose, or the needs of the community in general. Through careful estate planning, you can make a gift to the community and at the same time provide for your family. 


Gift an insurance policy

An Insurance policy can be gifted, or the Foundation can be made a beneficiary to establish a fund as described above. Insurance policies are attractive for several constituencies, as they are relatively inexpensive for younger donors, and existing, paid up policies that may have supported a business or partnership may be an ideal giving vehicle for others. All donations and premiums generate a charitable receipt. For more infomation contact Micah Garten.

Send a Tribute Card

Tribute cards marking holidays, celebrations, observances, yahrzeits, passings, and other life cycle events can be ordered online at, via email to, or over the phone at 613-798-4696 x274. Contributions are a minimum of $18.

Open a B'Nai Mitzvah Fund

Through the Saul and Edna Goldfarb B’nai Mitzvah Fund, which matches funds, a B’nai Mitzvah endowment fund can be established for as little as $250. What a great way to inspire the next generation of philanthropists!

Women's Collective Philanthropy Project

With the Women’s Collective Philanthropy Project (WCPP) you can make a difference in the lives of women and families across our city by participating in annual grants to support causes and projects empowering and assisting women and families in Ottawa. You can participate with a minimum gift of $100.

Fund listings

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Important tax receipt information

Online donations will issue automatic e-receipts. Tax receipts for donations made through our office will be mailed/emailed to you.