It was exciting to finally come together in person to celebrate Life & Legacy.

Ari Axelrod, accompanied by Michael Stapleton, regaled us with songs and stories that uplifted, enlightened and inspired.


We thank all of the donors who have committed to supporting the

Jewish community for generations to come!

  • Jon Mitzmacher and Aaron Smith

  • Erin Smith and Staci Zemlak-Kenter

  • Barbara Sigler and Cathy Levine

  • Andrea Freedman and Ted Cohen

  • Ian and Estelle Melzer

  • Ian Sherman, David Appotive and Steve Poleski

  • Irwin and Audrey Kreisman

  • Jane Ehrenworth and Lindsay Newman

  • Karen Palayew and Lorne Segal

  • Leslie Sher and Roslyn Kimmel

  • Manny Agulnik, Claire Miller, and Paula Agulnik

  • Michael Stapleton, Ari Axelrod, Joel Yan, and Adam Moscoe

  • Micah Garten and Jacquelin Holzman

  • Mushka and Adam Moscoe

  • Nicole Goldstone and Adam Dodek

  • Nina May and Bonnie Lyman

  • Sharon Appotive and Adele Sidney

  • Sandy Pollack