It was exciting to come together to celebrate the third aniversary of Life & Legacy this November.

We thank all of the donors who have committed to supporting the

Jewish community for generations to come!

  • Yaffa Greenbaum, Jack Shinder and Dick Zucker

  • Sharon Appotive and Sandy Pollack

  • Sarah Caspi and Leslie Sher

  • Sandy Pollack and Nancy Sharp

  • Micah Garten, Joel Diener and Peter Fine

  • Rick and Bobbi Soderstrom, Marcia Zuker, Patsy Royer

  • Rabbi Steven Garten and Micah Garten

  • Rabbi Shaps and Andre Engel

  • Rabbi Altonaga, Cantor and Jodi Green

  • Nancy Sharp

  • Manny Agulnik, Eddy Cook, Steve Gordon, Laurie Gordon, Gary Viner

  • Louise and Lorne Rachlis

  • Lisa nd Michael Reznik

  • Jeff Sidney

  • Doree Kovalio, Eddy Cook, Jessica Borenstein

  • Debbie Baylin and Adele Sidney

  • Aviva Ben-Choreen and Jonathan Freedman

  • Arnie and Roslyn Kimmel and Harvey Glatt

  • Life & Legacy partner agencies

  • Attendees

  • Attendees 2